• Leaders Of FCP

  • 12p345

    Hey! I'm 12p345 2nd In Command of FCP. I started Club Penguin in August 2011. It was Fun. Then in April 2012 i discovered cp armys. they were fun. Now im 2ic of a Successful Club Penguin Group!



  1. Server

  2. Allies And enemies

  3. Leaders  

  4. Citizen rank

1. Servers

  • Snow Bank –Capital
  • Snow Bound- Embassy
  • Dry Ice – Tactic Server
  • sabertooth – Training Server
  • Ice cold- Practice Battle server
Snow bank: a very big island that have the longest bridge. Also, it also have a sunny beach where people visit it and because of that we have many visitors. also, the city is located in the south. However, The capital is located in the North. It is also owned by the three other armies. Although, we share it with them. Many Troops have set up a Shop or a mall here, Many troops lives here, All Branches and government lives here
Snowbound: A crescent shaped island, it also have a very wild forest. But the embassy is located somewhere hidden. It also have a volcano that is very active. the volcano is used to prevent the enemies from getting trough it. The embassy is located inside the volcano. a small village is located there. Our brotherhood armies which have never been performed  in the events is located here.
Dry ice: a forgotten ancient city, it is a desert that was full of dead peoples. it was once a warzone but the army that owns it abandons it. We use it for tactics and training.  This server is believed haunted by some creatures in the south and east. Many elders have been haunted by the creature and the server is Called the ‘haunted servers’. all armies does not invade it
Sabertooth: A very popular City, The server have very much people, The Training is located behind The Fire Ninja dojo, It also have a Very long tower located on the East. But the server is owned by president HM101 but the one claiming it is FCP. This server is one of the best server. 
Ice cold: This is our Practice Battle server, this server is a forgotten swamp world. Allies are allowed in this server but Neutral armies must inform us if they want to Practice Battle but We sometimes use klondike because it is the best place for training. But we used this server to practice if there is a war.


3. Allies And Enemies


*= Plain Ally

**= Normal Ally

***= Brother Ally

Robber Penguin Force **

Striking  Raiders *

Army Of club penguin **

Ninja Freedom Force**


All armies that are not allies or enemies


* = Enemies

**= Worst Enemy

***= Nemesis

None yet

4. Leaders 

Supreme commander: slippykicky,cpwarriorful

Head general: (2ic) bingoradar

Commander General: (3ic)

There can be at least 2 supreme Commander and two 2ic and three 3ic. If there is 3 supreme commander then the leaders will have to think of many decisions.


11 Responses

  1. no its actually her not kiding. I even know her email its
    she couldnt have gizmog1 it wouldnt let her i dont no why

  2. Red Vikings will be watching at your next event to see if you are a worthy ally. Also, don’t do anything stupid like try to invade because we will out number you. Not to sound mean or anything, just a warning XD. http://www.rvofcp.wordpress.com

    -Lime Pumpkin
    Red Vikings 1ic
    President of Ice Pond

  3. listin Im not Listining to ya…. we could Crush you like a bug

  4. We r gonna fall into ruin soon! We need… RECRUITING!!!! I will go on CP in a minute. Feel free to join!

  5. This will happen on Sabertooth.

  6. Some of the servers that we have are not popular

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