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  • 12p345

    Hey! I'm 12p345 2nd In Command of FCP. I started Club Penguin in August 2011. It was Fun. Then in April 2012 i discovered cp armys. they were fun. Now im 2ic of a Successful Club Penguin Group!

My Return

Yeah I am back!

I am going to be really active from now on.

We also are changing sites due to the fact people are thinking we are super fighters of cp not fighters of cp.


This will be the last post on this site. (if anyone makes another post it will be deleted)

,Thats all for now, Slippykicky

ps. We shoudln’t do Generations. We are just gonna keep on going as a army.

2 Responses

  1. Your army has been updated on the Club Penguin Army Advertising site for the month of June. Use this site to find links to other armies and also check out our army servers page.

  2. Dear Leader of this Army,
    Hello there.
    My name is Tigerasaur, friendly commander of a new army known as the Army of the Antarctic, the official army of the PUA (Penguin Union of Antarctica). My current mission is to get samll armies to join my army to create one large army and I want to ask If you would agree to do this. By merging your army into mine, your army will become a division in the AA, you will be commander-in-chief of that army division.
    Think of the AA as a confederation of armies (only their called divisions).
    Why I’m doing this? Well, I believe that a united large army of a bunch of smaller armies as divisions allows small armies to uphold their own rite, and when they go to war they can be supported by a larger army.
    Your army will still have much of your power, but you will be in union with others.
    By confederation, basically your army will be state in union with other states. State government will be much more powerful than federal (federal is the entire union of states) govt.
    Another way to say would be, your division will have the ability to still compete in small army battles as its own army, but a united army of AA will be able to go to war with CPAC large armies.
    This will be a new turn to cp armies. You can let your army be a part of it.
    Our site is http://cparmyantarctic.weebly.com/#/
    You have the absolute right to say No.
    You can email me at mickzchen7@gmail,com
    Sincerely, Comrade Tigerasaur

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